Signs of Adware and Spyware – How to Know If You’re Infected

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If your computer system is acting unusual, it’s almost always a sign of Adware, Spyware, or some other form of Malware.

Here are some signs to look for, if you suspect that your system may be infected:

  • One of the most obvious signs, is frequent Pop-up Advertisements are being displayed on your monitor, especially pop-ups with sound.
  • Another sign is if your Browser is Redirecting – i.e. – you type in one address, and then the address changes on its own, taking you to a completely Different Website. This is known as Browser Hijacking.
  • Adware and Spyware will sometimes Change your Browser’s Start Page.
  • Toolbars, that you didn’t install, are now being displayed on your Browser.
  • Programs that previously ran without problem, are now Frequently Crashing.

The Symptoms Listed Above are some of the easiest to notice, but they’re not the only Signs of Spyware or Adware, and they’re certainly not the worst consequences.


Another easy one to spot is this – You don’t have an antivirus or antispyware program installed on your system, but yet one seems to be popping up on your screen, displaying an alarming number of infections, but it won’t remove them unless you pay for the software.

This program warning you of infections, is actually Malware, classified as Scareware (as it attempts to scare you into paying for the removal of the infection, when in reality, it’s an infection itself).

Paying for the scareware will not protect your system from spyware (or anything), spend your money on a real anti-spyware program instead.

Slow System

One of the most frustrating signs that you can encounter – When Adware and Spyware are installed on your system, they use up your system’s resources (most notably processing power and RAM) just like any other running Program.

Even worse, when Adware and Spyware programs are being developed, their creators often don’t care if they’re run efficiently, so these programs tend to be resource hogs.

If your computer is running much slower, and taking much longer to perform simple tasks than it previously did, even after rebooting, then it’s highly likely that your computer is infected with Adware, Spyware, or both.

Identity Theft

Probably The Scariest, and Worst Possible Sign of Spyware – Realizing that You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity Theft is at an all time high, due mostly to the fact the general public does not protect themselves from Spyware.

Spyware programs are capable of stealing your logins, passwords, social security number, etc.

They can steal any information on your computer, allowing the one who’s stealing your personal info, to impersonate you for the purpose of loans, housing, employment, etc.

(For more information on Identity Theft Protection – See This Guide)

If you suspect that your system is infected with Adware or Spyware – Have a look at the Adware Spyware Removal Guide.

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