Dangers of Adware and Spyware

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Adware and Spyware are dangerous, much more dangerous than most people realize.

The damage that they can inflict upon your life is remarkable.

Adware generally isn’t that dangerous, it’s just more annoying and at times frustrating to deal with than anything.

It really presents no danger beyond harming your system itself (but that doesn’t mean that you should tolerate it).

Spyware on the other hand, is wickedly dangerous.

The first threat that Spyware poses to you, if it’s present on your system, is that of your privacy. This is because Spyware often records everything you do, every program you run, every file you open, every website you visit.

But it gets worse.

Spyware often logs your keystrokes, recording all of your passwords and usernames for every site that you enter, and every program you run.

Many forms of Spyware are also programmed to sniff out personal information, typed or stored on your computer, such as your Social Security Number, and other highly sensitive information.

These programs take all of this stolen recorded data, obtained while spying on you, and they transfer it a remote server (which is a computer that’s accessible to the person or people controlling the spyware).

These people now have all of your personal sensitive information. And if they went to the trouble to have this spyware created, and found a way to get it installed on your system, you can bet they’re going to use the information that they’ve stolen from you.

What can one person do with another’s personal info including social security number?

Identity Theft.

They can open accounts in your name, rent housing, make purchases with your money, even on credit (destroying your credit score), and rack up debt that you’re responsible for (with interest of course).

Often times, victims of identity theft don’t even know that they’ve been victimized until collection agencies come after them for the overdue unpaid bills, or when they get turned down for a loan.

It’s happening to a lot of people, more and more every day.

If you doubted the severity of the consequences of a system vulnerable to spyware, then hopefully you’re now aware of how horrendous the damage can be.

Don’t Let Spyware Destroy Your Life.

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