Adware – Ethical vs Malicious

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Adware in general gets a pretty bad rap, which is actually well deserved in most cases. However, while it’s for the most part annoying, and often malicious, there are some exceptions, where adware is perfectly legal and ethical.

Adware is often installed on a users machine, without the owner’s consent, which is considered malicious, and gets it group under the “Malware” classification. This type of adware often frequently bothers the user with unwanted advertisements and pop-ups, not only annoying the user, but also wasting the system’s resources.

This type of Adware is usually very difficult to uninstall without the use of special adware protection software.

There are however, ethical forms of adware, that aren’t installed without the consent of the user.

This legal and ethical form of adware is usually bundled with other software, or with a toolbar, and the user is notified up front, via a EULA (End User License Agreement), that the adware is going to be installed on their system.

Such forms of adware are usually easy to uninstall, and are far less bothersome to the user, than their malware counterpart.

People who agree to install this adware, do so in exchange for something in return.

One example of an Ethical form of Adware, is the one used by the site Game Vance.

Game Vance provides free games to its users, and even makes prizes, including cash, available to their winners. This is all funded by the revenue earned through adware, as sponsors pay for the ads, that are shown to users running the adware.

Ethical forms of Adware, such as the one used by Game Vance, are generally harmless to the user.

However, if you have adware installed on your system, that was installed without your consent, you should remove it as soon as possible, because it’s likely that the software is also doing far more malicious things that just displaying advertisements to you – such as spying on you and recording your activity.

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