Facebook Expands Safety and Security Tools

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It looks like Facebook updated some of its safety and security tools in April, to the delight of privacy advocates everywhere. The updates came barely a day after security firm Sophos sent the social networking giant, which boasts over 500 million users, an open letter about privacy and security concerns. (A brief summary: Sophos recommends privacy by default, vetted app developers, and enforcing secure HTTPS connections by default, all the time.) Source Also last month, Facebook made a series of promises at President Obama’s White House Conference on Bullying Prevention last month that they would update and expand security for the purposes of “creating a culture of respect on Facebook and across the web.” The new safety and security tools are: Two Factor Authentication Though turned off by default, this feature, dubbed “login approvals,” will require you to enter a code that is texted to your phone when you login from an unrecognized device. If you ever lose access to your phone, you can still login from a previously-recognized computer

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Facebook Expands Safety and Security Tools

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