Avira Premium Security Suite (1PC) - 1 year

Avira Premium Security Suite (1PC) – 1 year

“Do you surf on the Internet, make online purchases, communicate by email, or make bank transactions on your PC? The Avira Premium Security Suite reliably protects you and has an extra firewall as well as an anti-spam and a backup function in addition to the award-winning virus protection.”

If your computer is running slow and sluggish, displaying unwanted popups, crashing often, or behaving strange in general, then you’re probably in need of Adware Spyware Removal software.

The first and most important step of Adware Spyware Removal, is selecting the right software for the job. Using the wrong software will result in ineffectiveness, while also potentially causing further damage to your system.

In case you’re impatient, we’re going to tell you our recommendation right now, which is actually a combination of tools – Webroot Spy Sweeper and Avira AntiVir Premium.

However, we encourage you to continue reading, so that you understand why it’s important to use this specific combination of tools.

There are lots of free anti-virus and anti-spyware programs out there, that are rather useless. They’re actually worse than worthless, as they provide a false sense of security, but when you actually need the protection, it isn’t there, and you’re left vulnerable to attack and infection. This is bad news for most people, especially these days, where an unprotected computer can become infected just by visiting a webpage, or opening an email.

The majority of antivirus programs out there (even some of the really expensive ones), will detect some viruses, but they let far too many slip through the cracks. And they’re usually incapable of properly removing the nasty viruses, spyware, etc, from your system, leaving you stuck with the infection and it’s wrath.

Another common problem, found in many antivirus programs and adware spyware removal tools, is over sensitivity and false detections. This can result in your antivirus or spyware removal tool, mistaking files on your system that you actually need, as malware, and if the tool removes these files, this can cause a whole new problem for you.

The odds are very high, that if your computer is infected with Adware or Spyware, there are probably also viruses and other malware on your system.

Regardless of what anyone claims, there is no one software alone, that can adequately clean and protect your system against the multitude of threats that we face online today.

Much like, as a human, you visit both a doctor and a dentist, as opposed to just one or the other, since they each care for your health in ways the other cannot:

It often takes a good adware spyware removal tool, combined with a good antivirus program, to properly clean an infected system. However, if you choose the right software, this will allow you to easily rid your system of it’s current malware problems, while also protecting it from future encounters.

The best software for adware spyware removal, is Webroot Spy Sweeper, which carries a rather low price tag, considering its ease of use and effectiveness (and its ability to solve spyware related problems that other software cannot).

The best antivirus program to combine with Webroot Spy Sweeper, is Avira AntiVir Premium. Avira Premium protects against viruses and rootkits, malicious websites (very dangerous to an unprotected computer), and it has an automatic repair feature to fix problems with your system.

Both of these programs do important things that the other cannot do, but together, they provide an ultimate level of protection. They also both offer great technical support, in the event that you have questions or need additional help.

If you’re system is bogged down by adware, spyware, and viruses, Spy Sweeper and Avira AntiVir Premium will get your system cleaned up and running so much better it’ll feel like you’re using a brand new computer!

They’ll protect you against future threats as well, saving you from the hassle and wasted time, of having to go through this all over again. Grab them before your system gets worse!

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